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    Using peer-assisted networking popup programatically




      Our application is a multiplayer game that uses peer-to-peer networking for communication between players.


      when the game launches, the user is promped with the "Peer-Assisted Networking" popup. But in order to have a user friendly experience, we would like to inform the user that he needs to accept this popup in order to play a network game.



      - Is there a way to know that the current Flash application is allowed to user peer-to-peer networking (like if the user has previously refused or accepted peer-to-peer)

      - Is there a way to programatically display the "Peer-Assisted Networking" popup, like in the case where the user has refuse p2p previously.


      We are also using local storage and the same questions apply to the local storage popup...





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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          the peer assisted networking popup will come up when you first make a new NetGroup or group NetStream.  there is no way to know if the user has previously accepted the dialog, unless you record that information yourself in local storage.  there is no way to tell if the user selected "remember my choice", so even knowing that the user accepted before doesn't guarantee that the popup won't come up next time.


          the user won't be prompted again for the P2P popup in the same run of that SWF, so if the user denies the request, you must reload to ask the user again.


          personally as a user i never say "remember my choice" -- i always like being notified that P2P groups are being used.