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    PPRO is only playing solo channels - how do I get it back to playing both

    Irwell Johnson

      I've been editing a project for about six weeks and had no problem importing audio and video.  Everything had been synched up ok and PPRO was behaving normally.


      I've had two weeks off and have just imported more footage but the audio now doesn't play properly.  It will only play a mono track through one speaker/headphone if I select it as a solo channel.  If I play both channels together it goes silent.


      I've installed PPRO 6.0.5, running Windows 8.1 on a custom built PC - 8gb ram, 256gb SSD.  I'm using a separate sound card, but on board graphics card.  The audio files are wav files.


      I suspect I've unwittingly pressed a button I shouldn't have, as it has been working fine on the same project before.  I've gone through the other sequence tabs and the sound on those is now behaving in the same way (ie mono only if selected as solo channel).


      I've checked the driver for my sound card, and my speakers and headphones are otherwise working fine.  The sound mixer is showing sound being "perceived" by the software, because the levels are bouncing appropriately.  The levels in both channels are bouncing also - it's not that only one channel is processing data.  It's just that I can't hear anything unless I select just one channel, and then it comes through mono in one speaker/headphone.


      As and experiment I've also started a new project and just put some bars and tone in it, but alas it is doing exactly the same thing.


      All help gratefull received!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          For starters, in the context of PP, mono will always come out both speakers, unless something is wrong with that speaker or you have it panned to one side.  Having sound come out only one speaker doesn't necessarily make it 'mono', it just means you're only hearing one side of a stereo pair, or you have it panned to that side.


          The reason I point this out is because I'm a little confused.  Are you actually working with genuine mono tracks, or stereo tracks?  Are the clips in that track really mono, or stereo with different audio on each side?

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            Irwell Johnson Level 1

            Thanks for getting back to me Jim.


            This is what the properties tab of the audio clip says:


            Type: Windows WAVE audio file

            File Size: 5.3 MB

            Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 24 bit - Mono

            Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Mono

            Total Duration: 00:00:38:14211


            I had assumed the audio was two mono tracks.


            I may not have explained myself perfectly.


            I can hear the audio out of whichever solo channel I select, but not both channels at the same time (eg in my bars and tone experiment, I can switch between channels and here tone in either, but not both simultaneously).  My deduction from this is that the sound card, speakers and headphones are ok.  I've listened to music etc through my headphones and know also that stereo is working ok.


            Previously I could hear both channels simultaneously.  Whilst I could carry on as it currently is, I would only be able to hear the audio out of one speaker/headphone.  Plus I also want to know what has changed since I started the project and it was working ok.


            Could it be a problem with a codec?  Or an issue with upgrading to win 8.1? My sound card is a Creative Technologies Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Audio card.


            Thanks for you help

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              Irwell Johnson Level 1

              To answer my own question, I had installed Nuance NaturallySpeaking which installed another codec that, for whatever reason, changed my speaker settings from stereo to dolby 7.1 surround sound.


              I went to control panel > sound > speakers > right click > configure > stereo.


              Hope this helps others.