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    Cache drive & Raid Controller?

    Loucann Level 1

      HI all,

      Ok so it's time for me to buy my media drives for my 6TB project.

      I am going with (3) 4TB 7200 rpm seagate drives (Raid0)

      Hopefully that will give me enough data rate to edit it realtime (c300-MXF files),  intel 6 core, 16 gig ram, 760 gtx 2g mem


      I have 2 final questions:


      1. After testing my current drive performance, I noticed that while playing/scrubbing my timeline (premiere cc) I noticed that my cache drive had 0-1 % activity  and  my Media drive was at 100%

      So just how important is the cache drive for "performace"???


      2. Can I use my onboard Bios Raid controller for my (3) raid0?

      Or should I buy a controller?

      if yes, Why?

      If yes, can someone reccomend a "reasonable" priced controller?


      Thanks So Much,