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    Fastest way to enlarge 5K?




      I tried to find anwer from search, but couldn't.


      So I have a project that's been shot with RED 5K. The final output will be HD 1920x1080.


      Question about exporting. I need to re-frame(magnify/crop) many of the frames. If I export the frames from 5K RED sequence the export takes about 30minutes. If I copy and paste the clips to HD sequence, do the magnifications there and export, the export takes about 3hours.


      I have to make 20 different versions of the cut, so time is valuable.


      So my question is, If I do the scaling in 5K sequence, and magnify the clips in general about 300% there, and then export them to HD, will there be loss in quality?


      That would cut so much render time. But I'm not sure how the scaling works in Premiere. I need obviously the best possible quality.


      I'm using Premiere CS6 with OSX.


      Thank you!!