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    Take my Logo, create a watermark template (or is it an action?) to apply to multiple photos


      I am working with Photoshop CS5, and am wondering (and require step by step instructions) as to how i take my logo and create a watermark that i may apply to 1 or several photos at a time. My workflow is generally like this;I mostly shoot in RAW, therefore in PS5 all images are opened in Camea Raw, most often i make all my adjustments in RAW and then save as a jpeg, still keeping the raw's for future use...Firstly, creating the watermark....how is this done and how is it made to be readily applicable to images, is it in fact a template or an action or what?  Secondly...can this watermark, once created, be applied in Camera Raw or does it have to be done in PS? Either way how is this done?....I would appeciate ANY help from anyone....regards