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    Keyboard shortcuts stopped working PS v11.0.2 Win7


        argh. The keyboard shortcuts stopped working a few weeks ago and I've been trying so many fixes that worked for others, but none work for me.


      Photoshop v11.0.2

      Windows 7

      Dell Laptop Studio 1555



      I periodically reset my prefereces - it does nothing to change the fact that the keyboard shorts don't work.


      I've done a system restore to a date before this issue began. Nope, didn't work.


      Not one of the shortcuts work. Not open, not close, not transform, not save,  not cut, not copy, not paste.....  This is incredibly frustrating in addition to wasting time because I STILL (lol) try to use the shortcuts. I've used them since 1991 and it's ingrained in me.


      Please, I hope someone has a remedy.  As I research, I see more and more people having this problem.