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    Overdrive login


      I have attempted to login to Overdrive using my adobe ID and then my library card number (which works on their website) and I get the error message that "the specified account information is not valid." Any help?

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          Hello eliern, We discovered your question/issue on the forum. If you are unable to log in to your library site, you will need to contact your local library for assistance. Your Adobe Id is only used to authorize the OverDrive Media Console, or Adobe Digital Editions.  You can also find many other useful articles and videos at help.overdrive.com.


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            I have this same problem.  But it's not a problem with the library as far as I can tell.  I can log in perfectly fine on the Overdrive app on my phone or on the website and on my Kobo Aura one reader.  the only place it doesn't work is on your software.  this suggests to me the problem is on your end.  please investigate this!  I need to be able to login with overdrive otherwise I can't sync licences across my devices.  Overdrive is the only login method that all my reading devices share in common so that is the one that needs to work.  Adobe ID won't do