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    Reinstalling PS CS4


      I have a dying laptop with Photoshop CS4 on it. I want to reload it onto my new laptop but cannot find a download version of PS CS4 (no disk) any longer out on the internet or at least from a trustworthy site. I have the serial number from the active program.  I have the original activation key.  I could only find an Arabic CS4 version out on C/NET but my activation key numbers are coming up as invalid. I had to do a software reinstall of my old laptop a year or so ago and was still able to use my original activation key.  That was when I could still find a US version of PS CS4.  I've tried to deactivate my current software on my old laptop with no luck.  My theory is my activation key code will only work on a US version of Photoshop CS4.  I hope that I can be pointed to a place where I can download a US version of PS CS4 and that my activation key will work.  Any ideas?  Thanks.