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    XFA files

    Sunbird Graphics

      I have created a PDF file from forms central, and can now not open it because it says it's a XFA

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          FormsCentral creates "Acroform" forms, not XFA.  How did you save the PDF from FormsCentral and what are you trying to use to open the PDF?




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            Sunbird Graphics Level 1

            I am not sure I save from forms central. I was using a PDF creator. Saved in my documents and tried to open in Forms Central. I would not let me open and said it was a XFA file.





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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              OK, got it, you were creating a PDF file "for" FormsCentral, and not in FormsCentral...  The FormsCentral "Import PDF" feature does not support XFA forms, only "Acroforms".  I don't know much about PDF Creator, but the PDF can't be an XFA form to be imported into FormsCentral, you'll need to create an Acroform type PDF form to use in FormCentral.




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                If you've spent a lot of time developing XFA forms and you now need to convert XFA forms to Acroforms there is hope...


                After many hours of searching the web and testing different possible workflows to convert Livecycle Designer created XFA PDFs to a PDF that Acrobat Pro can open and edit, I've discovered a way to convert and preserve the form layout.


                This method loses all the form logic and the form's input fields, but it preserves the text, graphics and form layout, allowing you to add the fields again in Acrobat to create an Acroform that's compatible with FormsCentral.  In some cases the Acrobat can successfully recognize the form fields automatically and make quick work of the conversion.


                So here is the secret sauce: 


                Open the XFA form created by LiveCycle Designer in Acrobat Pro and save it as a Postscript (PS) file. 


                Then open the PS file you just created, in Acrobat.  Distiller will run automatically and convert the Postscript file into a flat PDF file essentially removing all the XML stuff that make XFA files unique and incompatible. 


                Then I use Acrobat's form editing tools to re-create all the input fields on top of the PDF form skeleton created from the Postscript file extraction method just described.


                It's still some amount of work to recreate all the input fields, but this "Save as Postscript"  method saves all the layout from the original XFA forms.


                Hope this helps!



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                  Sunbird Graphics Level 1

                  Thank you I will try that this weekend and will let you know my success.


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