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    Flash Player for Windows 8.1


      I upgrade to 8.1 and now everything I try to do says I need the latest Version of Flashplayer. I cannot find what to do to get it. I get a pop up page that tells me to test flashplayer and then tells me I do not have it.

      Can I take the old FP out of my programs and install a new one?

      Thank you

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          Mike M Level 6

          In a word... "No". Since Windows 8, Microsoft has embedded Flash Player in IE (10 and 11) and it is maintained through Windows Update.  It cannot be uninstalled, updated or upgraded via Adobe. I've seen hundreds of complaints aboput 8.1 and I went through my own experience with it this summer. It rendered $4500 worth of software, including Office 2013 and my antivirus "incompatible". My only option was to reformat and reinstall Windows 8. I won't be making that mistake again. I added a registry entry to prevent the 8.1 update from even showing up in Windows Update again.


          You should try updating first, and if that fails, try repairing IE.

          Last resort, I'd recommend using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.