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    Merged Clips Audio Issue

    rhead12 Level 1

      Trying this again, having a major problem since update working with merged clips.  I merge all my video and audio clips in a pre-workflow project in premiere pro.  Just got my footage back from the shoot, labeled and sync'd in the project.


      Because Premiere doesn't allow you to have more than 1 project open at a time, I copied the files, closed the pre-workflow project and opened my feature film project I've been working from.  Copied the merged clips bin, I click on a clip, video plays fine but there's no audio playback.


      I try importing the files from the pre-workflow project using the import project feature, keep only the actual merged clips (as the rest of my project is this way) still no audio.  I have cleaned my media cache, reset preferences, even uninstalled premiere and redownloaded.  Problem persists.


      Can you help me figure out what the issue is so I can get back to making progress on finishing this feature film project?


      The only thing different I've done this time that I didn't do last time was copied the audio into the bin with the video clips and merged that way.  Before was putting video clips into my master audio bin and merging.  But I don't see how this could possibly be the problem.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          My best suggestion is to Merge the clips in the same project you'll be editing in.  Does that work?

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            rhead12 Level 1

            Going to try, but here is my workflow and have not encountered any problems until this last P/U days footage.  I've been doing things this way because I found having all files in the project was causing it to crash constantly when I was working.  I have a new I7' processor IMac with 24 gigs of RAM.  And since Premiere does not allow you to have multiple projects open at the same time (Wish this would change.  Avid and FCP both allowed multiple projects) I have to do things this way.



            Pre-workflow Project File


            Label all Video and Audio files to match Scene #'/Takes

            Set in points on all video and audio to reflect slate

            Merge Clips



            Working Project File


            Import only Merged Clips into Project.  Either via import or copy/paste



            Now I've done this workflow from just about the very beginning.  Deleting all of the original source video and all audio clips from my working project so only my bins containing my merged clips remain.  Have had no problems and edit has been smooth.  Did a pickup day last week, followed same steps as I've done in the past, imported the merged clips into my working project and the clips have the audio set to none by default.  Now once I go into the sequence I can manually set it and it's there but I cannot play audio in the source monitor which is how I edit, there's no reason I should have to go back to the crappy FCP way of editing doing the copy and paste from a sequence.