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    Booklet issues in 5.5


      I have a 16-page InDesign file in 5.5 for Mac that I'm trying to turn into a booklet PDF, each page sized 8.5x11" with 4 pages per sheet of 11x17" paper. The PDF will be printed by someone else on the other side of the country who is going to take it to Staples/OfficeMax/Whatever and hand the file to them, so I have to make this thing perfect because if it doesn't print correctly, he won't know the difference until it's too late and he's paid for it all.


      I've been trying to use the 'Print Booklet' feature to save it as a .ps file and then open it in Acrobat. It is set at 2-up Saddle Stitch; print settings are set to Device Independent. Everytime I open it in Acrobat and it goes through Distiller, I wind up with an 8-page PDF comprised of the first page of each booklet spread. The first page of the resulting 8-page PDF gets named "Spread 1 of 8 - Pages (16, 1)" and so forth, so it seems to be thinking that it has both pages of each spread, but it only shows one per.


      SO - does it in fact have both pages of each spread or not?


      I don't have admin privleges on this Mac so I can't add any plug-ins, etc.

      I only have a typical 8.5x11" printer on this Mac, so trying to save the .ps file using that printer for print settings instead of Device Independent didn't work.

      I tried printing the PDF in landscape; the missing pages weren't miraculously revealed.


      How can I fix this?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Without the ability to install the Acrobat 9 PPD file that you need to do this right from Print Booklet, you're better off either placing the pages into a new 11 x 17 file in the correct order (prone to error, but not impossible -- make a dummy from folded paper and write the page numbers on it, then pull it apart to see what goes where) or use something like Dave Saunders' imposition script that you'll find at http://pdsassoc.com/downloads/Buildbooklet.zip to make an imposed copy that you can EXPORT to PDF wit the spreads box checked. This is an old script and might need to be in a "Version 4.0" (without the quotes) sufolder in the scripts panel folder to run properly, but I don't think so. If you have objects that cross the spine, use Dave's CS3 Booklet Script instead, and export with the spreads box UNchecked.