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    Short Delay with Brush and Rubber Tool on Windows 7 (CS5, CS6 and CC)




      I have a problem with PhotoShop CC. I also tested PhotoShop CS5 and PhotoShop CS6, having the same problems (last versions of them). Plugins for PhotoShop are not installed.


      My System:


      Windows 7 64 Bit with SP1   (newest updates german version)

      Intel Core i7-4770k CPU 3.5 Ghz

      RAM:   16 GB DDR3

      GPU: GeForce  GTX 760 2048 MB  MSI N760 TF 2GD5/OC

      MainBoard: MSI Z87-G45 Gaming


      Monitor: Asus PB248Q    1920 x 1200   60 Hz   (connected with Display Port)


      All Drivers (GPU, ChipSet of MainBoard)  are up to date.


      My Problem is that the Brush or rubber tool is 0,5 to 1 seconds slower than the mouse cursor. The stroke trails behind. But the brush tool still runs smooth and fluently. Its just slower than the mouse. When mouse stops moving, the brush catch up. The brush even trails behind when cursor is moving slow. When cursor is moving faster, sbrush also moves faster, but brush is never as fast as cursor. Only when cursor does not move, brush catch up.


      This even happens when simple brushes for example simple round brush with 100 hardness and 10 pixel of size are used.


      When removing Smooting in brush settings, brush tool become much faster, but not as fast as cursor.


      This behaviour occurs in 64 and 32 Bit Version of PhotoShop.


      Also, GPU Settings was changed (Basic, Normal, Advanced), but without results.




      When Aero-Surface in windows 7 is disabled, brush tool works much faster, but not smooth and fluently anymore.


      This also happens when I am working with a document containing only one single layer.


      I also tested all GPU Settings in PhotoShop (Basic, Normal and Advance), still the same problem.


      PhotoShop uses 60% of my Ram (8793 MB)


      The strange thing is: When I installed PHotoShop CS5 on my 8 years old computer with Windows XP, Brush tool with same settings was as fast as mouse cursor and it runs really smooth and fluently. The main difference is that my new Computer is using Windows 7, the old one uses Windows XP 32 Bit.


      Old System:


      Windows XP 32 Bit

      AMd Athlon X2   3700+

      2 GB RAM

      GeForce 7800 GTX   (connected with DVI to monitor)


      Can it be that PhotoShop has problems with Aero Surface of Windows 7? Or with Windows 7 64 Bit?    I know a person who has the same problem, and he is also using Windows 7 64 Bit.


      I hope you can help me.

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          LordHoly Level 1

          Delayalso also appears with Windows 8, 64 Bit (only tesetd Windows CS6), which isn't using Aero surface.


          But Windows 8 uses also a hardware accelerated surface.


          It's strange that wgeb Aero surface in Windows 7 is disabled, the Delay does not appear......



          This forum is so active, so that a post will get lost after a few hours


          Does nobody knows a solution for my problem?


          Can it be that my GPU (nVidia Geforce 760 GTX is not supported yet?

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            Curt Y Level 7

            With 16 gig of ram you can up the %.  The computer needs about 2 gig.  Not sure this will make any difference however.


            Most lag problems are seen with very large brushes, or problems with the gpu driver.  I am assuming you have the latest driver.


            Also, do you have just one gpu active?  If you have an onboard Intel make sure it is not working.

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              LordHoly Level 1

              Hello, Curt Y,


              thank you for answering .


              I am using 60% of my 16 GB RAM for PhotoShop (which are over 8000 MB).


              The problem is that the delay also appears when small simple brushes (3 px width,  normal circle, 100 % hardness) are used.


              I am using the newest nVidia Driver. And I can play all of my newer video games in fast performance.


              I think only 1 GPU is active. The onboard Grapic card is disabled.

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                Curt Y Level 7

                From posts I have read just because a card works well for other software does not mean it will work with PS the same.  PS will stress it more and uses it differently.


                In the opening post you say you were using a 7800 GTX.  This has a very low pass mark rating so would be slow.


                The current card GTX 760 is very fast so should have no problem.


                Click on Help/sys info and see what card(s) and driver date are listed.  You want to make sure to download driver from nVidia rather than MS, as the latter will be out of date.


                If unsure about the driver use the nVidia driver wipe to get rid of old ones, and then install latest.  There have been cases in the past where the new driver does not properly install over the old one.


                Hope this helps as I am out of bullets.

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                  LordHoly Level 1

                  My Computer is new installed, there was never an old driver installed. My Computer is 3 weeks old


                  And the driver are downloaded from nVidia's website.

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                    LordHoly Level 1

                    Hello, it is me again


                    In PhotoShop, it does not matter if Mouse or my Wacom Tablet is used. The delay is always the same.




                    But when I installed Easy Paint Tool Sai (another Paint tool), there is also the delay. So it is not a problem of Adobe


                    In Easy Paint Tool Sai, there are 2 cursors:

                    One cursor is the mouse pointer,

                    the other cursor is the actual cursor used by the program. (for example the brush cursor).


                    When moving the mouse in Paint Tool Sai, the actual cursor is a little bit slower than the mouse pointer cursor. It also happens when no tool is used .


                    When using mouse in Easy Paint Tool Sai, actual cursor is faster than using Wacom Tablet.


                    Can it be that in PhotoShop, there are also 2 cursors:   The mouse Cursor and the actual invisible cursor which is slower than the mouse cursor?


                    And is there a opportunity to accelerate this second "actual cursor"?


                    I already tested some changes in mouse settings (done under Control Panel -> Mouse, for example changing mouse speed)


                    As Mouse driver, I am using Microsoft default driver from year 2006.




                    The delay in Easy Paint Tool Sai is because of a feature called "Stabilizer".    When this feature is set to "0", there is no delasy.


                    Is in PhotoShop also a Stabilizer-Feature which must be disabled first?