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    Captivate 2 and FlashPaper 2

    Charinos Level 1
      I have converted a PDF doc to an SWF file via FlashPaper 2 and have imported the SWF as an animation into a Captivate 2 project slide. I resize the animation by SHIFT+clicking and resizing. The output looks great, but if I navigate to the next slide and then navigate back to the animation slide, the animation is cut in half. I noticed that the animation properties are the standard ones set in Flash (ca. 550 x 400?), but I need the document to appear as 590 x 740. Resizing the SWF file in Flash and then trying to import it into Captivate was a disaster (FlashPaper buttons all over the place, and no text), and I'm not fluent enough in how to use ActiveScript to know how to plug in the following scripting into the movieclip that I could potentially export as an SWF:

      Using FlashPaper with Macromedia Flash
      You can insert a FlashPaper SWF file into a Flash FLA file. When you export the FLA file to SWF format, the FlashPaper SWF file is embedded as part of the exported Flash SWF file.

      The following code shows how to load a FlashPaper SWF file in a regular FLA file using the loadFlashPaper() function:

      function loadFlashPaper(
      path_s, // path of SWF to load
      dest_mc, // MC which we should replace with the SWF
      width_i, // new size of the dest MC
      height_i, // new size of the dest MC
      loaded_o) // optional: object to be notified that loading is complete
      var intervalID = 0;
      var loadFunc = function()
      dest_mc._visible = false;
      var fp = dest_mc.getIFlashPaper();
      if (!fp)
      if (fp.setSize(width_i, height_i) == false)
      dest_mc._visible = true;
      intervalID = setInterval(loadFunc, 100);
      The following code shows how you can use the loadFlashPaper() function after you’ve embedded a FlashPaper SWF file:

      function onLoaded(fp)
      // loading is complete, so we can now adjust the current page, zoom, etc.
      // go to page 50.
      // change magnification to 33%
      loadFlashPaper("FlashPaper.swf", theDocMC, theDocMC._width, theDocMC._height, this);
      The fp.setCurrentPage value has been set to 50 and the fp.setCurrentZoom value has been set to 33. When the FLA file is exported, page 50 of the embedded FlashPaper SWF file appears inside the exported SWF file with a magnification of 33 percent.

      So what I'm asking is how do I get a 590 x 740 FlashPaper document to maintain its size within Captivate without it reverting to the Flash default size?