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    Download Adobe Flash Player to an Android Tablet

    JWD Kirk

      I have a new Asus TF700T tablet woth Android 4.0 O/S


      When opening the installed "Browser" I get this message: "No Adobe Flash Player found. Press OK to download" OK.


      I am redirected to Google Play store where Adobe Flash Player is not to be found.


      So, using the tablet still, I go to www.Adobe.com and search "Adobe Flash Player for Android". only to get this message "We're sorry. This content requires Adoble Flash Player which is not supported on your device. This content can be viewed on a desktop computer or on a mobile device that supports Flash Player'.


      So I'm in a bind. I can't get AFP because I haven't already got AFP. As Asus has included the browser in its pre-loaded software I don't believe it doesn't support AFP.


      I therefore seek advice please. I am totally unfamiliar with Android but useful with Windows up to 7.