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    Removed Connection and cannot recreate

      My connection to our web site was removed and I cannot recreate the connection. I am trying to connect SFTP. I tried from another PC and was successful so I know the username and password are correct. I stumbled across a PDF from adobe regarding the removal of the SSH_Host file and tried but was unsuccessful. Any help would be appreciated.
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          EMM2385 Level 1
          To update this situation, I have uninstalled the software. Removed any reference to it in the registry. Reinstalled and still cannot connect to the website. I have successfully connected using a different machine so I know that my user ID and password are valid and the site supports Contribute. I have opened a web case and have not been able to resolve this issue. Is this software that sensitive where if you delete a connection, you can never recreate it? I am at wits end and would appreciate any help that anyone could give me.