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    Premiere Pro CC Crashes on Start-up


      Premiere Pro CC Crashes on Start-up


      (I have checked out the forms on here before posting.) CC was working great before my SSD died.
      My Previous SSD died and I had it replaced with a new Samsung SSD 840 Series
      and Premiere Pro CC started crashing on launch. I also have CS5.5 installed and that works fine.


      Windows 7 Enterprise (service Pack 1)
      64bitProcessor: Intel Xeon CPU, W3670 @3.20 GHz 3.19GHz with  24 GB Ram
      Quadro 4000 Driver version 320.92 was 311.35
      Samsung SSD 840 Series
      What I have done to solve the problem:
      I have updated the drivers for both the intel cpu and the video card, I have also sign out of adobe creative cloud and signed back in. I have also un-installed premeire and re-installed it mulitple times.
      Premeire will run if I change the compatibiltiy setting to windows 7 or Windows server 2008(service Pack 1)  that works but it's super slow (and O mean unusable). I would like it to run as fast as it was before my harddrive died and not in a compatibiltiy setting.
      Currently the Premiere Pro CC hangs up when its "loading ImporterQuicktime.prm" then gives a "Adobe Premiere Pro Startup Error" - "Could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again" which I have tried updated the driver with no-luck.

      At a last resort I reformatted the harddrive and re-installed windows and went back to the old video drivers version 311.35 (which is the adobe approved drivers for CS6) but the same outcome accrued.
      Thanks for the Help.
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          LiteSwitchTV Level 1

          I have had almost exactly the same issue Kevin - I even got tot the point of re formatting my HD too. Seriously frustrating.


          I have a Samsung Chronos 7 i7 NoteBook.

          Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 - 2675QM CPU @2.20GHz

          8GB RAM

          64 bit Operating system

          Windows 7.


          My drivers are updated for: Intel / AMD Grpahics cards

          Java Updated and installed.

          SW Updated - Up to date

          All windows updates installed.

          Quicktime 7.7.4  Pro Installed.

          Google Chrome Web Browser.


          I was told by an Adobe Tech that the issue lies with the Intel and AMD cards conflicting. That Prem Pro CC only wants to use the AMD card but the Intel is being used first. Having spoken to Samsung techs they say that outside of using 'Catalyst Control Center' (which has aslo been updated) there's no way of doing that. : I


          PLEASE someone say there's a solution to all this. Prem pro is my primary source of income as a freelancer. Plus I've spent over 7 hours on the phone to both Samsung and Adobe and my head is about to melt.

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            Jeff Bellune Level 5

            I have the same computer, except with an nVidia card and Windows 8.  No issues   My nVidia control panel (nVidia's equivalent to your CCC) has an option to add "Run with graphics processor" to the Windows context menu so that when I right-click the Premiere Pro shortcut, I get an option to run it with either the Intel or the nVidia GPU, and an additional option to set either GPU as the default.  Perhaps your CCC has similar capability?