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    Why is my exporting taking over 1 minute per second of video in the sequence?


      Hi folks, brand new to Premiere Pro (CS6) here, previous FCP user many years ago. I have a bunch of AVCHD footage shot on a Sony DSLR, and I'm currently playing with bits and pieces of it trying to figure out my ideal workflow. My footage is 1920x1080 (1.0), 59.94 fps, progressive. I took a random 15 second clip and threw it into a new sequence, put a Warp Stabilizer on it, rendered it, and now I'm trying to export it. However, regardless of whether I'm doing a 1080p H.264 export or a 720x480 AVI export, it seems to be taking FOREVER...about 15-20 minutes for this 15 second clip. I must be doing something wrong. Help?


      System specs:

      Intel 4770K, overclocked to 4.2 GHz

      NVidia GTX 780 (with GPU acceleration enabled, though looking at the GPU loading in GPU-Z shows it consistently at 0% for any type of rendering/exporting)

      16 GB DDR3 1600 RAM

      Windows 7 x64


      For the sequence preview file format, I'm using P2 1080i-1080p 60Hz DVCPROHD, at 1920x1080. Max Bit Depth and Max Render Quality are unchecked.