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    packing working html/html5 based webfolder into a mobile app


      Hi all.


      I am a teacher and I use Articulate Storyline (similar to Adobe Captivate) to create interactive lessons. It is capable of giving output in the form of html5/html with swf file and resources. It works very well in mobile through a webbrowser. I want to pack this folder as an application (Air or similar based). The folder contains index.html (with swf+resources), or even index.html5 (with resources in a folder). I am struck in bundling this as an application. I have imported these into a flex project and works there in too when opening index.html or sample.swf. But due to my ignorance in mxml scripting, I dont know where to place index.html or sample.swf so that it will be automatically loaded when the application is opened.


      Some one please guide me so that I can capture my students' attention through a mobile app which is befitting at this time.


      Thanks in advance.


      With regards