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    How to fetch Signed doc. from a widget using API




      I created a widget using API by merging data fields with the doc., and posted in my website. As a result to the widget creation, I got the documentKey which I saved.


      Then I signed the document successfully from the widget posted in the site. After that, I tried to fetched the signed copy from getDocuments API by passing the saved documentKey and my API key. But the doc. I retrieved is missing with the signature with all the filled-in data. Im geting the signed document fine to my email


      How to fetch or What is the API to fetch the signed document ?

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          SimonATS Adobe Employee

          When creating a widget using the API it ceates a parent Document key. When signed this creates a child Document key, which you need to use in order to retrieve the right status.


          there's 2 ways of obtaining the child key:

          Finding the child Document Keys using the getFormData method: Your application can

          call the getFormData method and pass it the Document Key of the parent widget. The

          output will include the data in comma-separated value (CSV) format. The first line

          includes the column header names and each row represents a distinct instance of the



          Finding the child Document Keys using the completion URL: When setting up the

          Widget you can tell EchoSign where to send the user after they’ve completed signing

          the widget. The child Document Key will be appended as a parameter to that URL if the

          sender isthe same asthe API key user.


          For more info see this guide page 6 onwards:

          https://www.echosign.adobe.com/content/dam/echosign/docs/pdfs/EchoSign%20API%20Guide_v2.pd f

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            Hi there,


            I've searched and looked for example code of how to get the child document key and also I cannot work out how to implement the completion URL when using the widget API have you an example code for this please.



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              Rijul Raj Khurana Adobe Employee

              Hi MrLF,


              To get the document key for the documents in your account, you can use "getMyDocuments" functionality and can retrieve the document key. And to get sample codes for API, you first need to have a Developer account and then you can download the Developer's Kit by going to Account tab->EchoSign API.


              Let us know if you need more help!