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    Dreamweaver cs6 crashes when clicking design view



      I have been researching and trying a number of things to get my Dreamweaver program to work. It was working yesterday and then it decided to stop letting me go to the split or design view.


      I work on a Macintosh--MacBook Pro running Lion. I did locate my preference files and deleted those as usual, but I have never had this type of problem with an Adobe product. If you have some ideas, let me know. I appreciate the help.


      Would it be a good time to upgrade to Mavericks?

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi MacRatclic,


          Are you using a Fluid Grid Layout? Is there any other information that you can provide us to help troubleshoot your problem?




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            yshivaprasad Adobe Employee

            Hello MacRatclic,


            Can you please provide more information listed below. Its difficult to understand the issue from the thread description.

            - Platform & version

            - Dreamweaver Version

            - Is the issue specific to a certain page. If yes, can you please provide a document sample to reproduce the issue.

            - Is the crash reproducible by clicking anywhere in Design view or is it restricted to certain element.

            - Crash Report would help us to analyse the root cause.


            You can contact me on yprasad_@_adobe_._com(please ignore the underscores. They are added to avoid spam bots).



            Yalpi Shiva Prasad

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