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    How to make agency-level HTML banner ads?

    clevermill.com Level 1

      I've done a ton of Flash banner ads at agency-level over the years, but I'm trying to figure out how to create html banners now, in addition.


      Here are the HTML Ad Spec requirements:

      - HTML code cannot exceed 3k

      - 2 images maximum, total file size of images cannot exceed 20k


      In Flash, I've used these extensions to publish and am finding it's difficult to meet the required specs by the ad hosts:

      1. CreateJS  (creates a small html file (3k or less), but requires to be linked to js files which are double what my swf would be)

      2. Swiffy   (puts out just one nice simple html file, but it's almost triple the size of my swf, coming in at 86kb)


      I've also used:

      Edge Animate (creates a html file, but also links to js files that are over double what my swf would be).


      Either my animations have to become way less complex or I'm missing something in this new world of html animated ads.  It seems there's little findable information on how to make html banners at the agency-level.


      Can anyone educate me or point me in the right direction?

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, clevermill-


          You should ask the ad agencies you're working with whether or not they count the Animate runtime as a part of the payload, or whether or not they have a CDN you can refer to that will allow you to decrease your payload significantly.  Also, since we rely on the Google CDN for jQuery, that may also not count against your payload.  Depending on the agency, some may only count the non-runtime files against your payload.


          Hope that helps point you in the right direction.



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            clevermill.com Level 1

            Thanks for the help Elaine.  Good direction.


            What I've ended up doing was delivering a straight-up html file... no calling on js files or image files.   I did this with Google's swiffy.  I had to limit my content and animation by about 50% of what it was in the original Flash file in order to meet the 40k spec.

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              According to the IAB your HTML file size is measured by the size of all assets when compressed in a ZIP file, not the file size when expanded.  HTML ads will still be larger than their equivalent Flash versions, but this should bring them much closer to parity.  Expect your files to be 20%-50% larger rather than tripple the size. 


              A SWF is essentially a compressed archive of code and assets afterall.


              I hope this helps and reaches you in time.

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                clevermill.com Level 1

                Quite interesting.  Thank you for this info.   I'm not sure the hosting client has this understanding.


                I think, in my case, I could've submitted an html ad nearly identical to its respective Flash ad.