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    few questions about HDD

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      i have a few question about hdd, hope u can help me to figure it out:


      1. SATA Cables and Connection : is it the same on SATA III and on SATA II ? or if i get sata 3 hdd i need a special cables? if its same then why the speed is different? or its just a chip on mother board that supports it....


      2. in bios for sata what should i choose ide or ahci? i have and SSD sata 3 disks as well as HDD sata 2 and sata 3 disks


      3. Disk Format related question : Allocation Unit Size ? and if its should be different for ssd and hdd and / or for system drive?


      4. as i am going to have 2 SSD disks i ve been thinking about an easy way to stick it into my Tower , i found this :



      but it has just 1 power connection not 2... is it ok? i ll not loose something in speed? (1 is system , 2nd media previews)