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    Complete Form


      This is probably a stupid question...  after I have created my "new" form online will I be able to save it to my computer? 




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          Wenlan_Du Level 2

          Yes, you have two ways to save your forms to your local machine. One way is to export your form as Form Design Template (with your form open, choose File -> Export Design File) and then re-import the form back to FormsCentral when you need it.


          The other way is to save your form as PDF form ((with your form open, choose File -> Save as PDF Form), but some features are not supported in PDF forms. Please check out http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2013 for your reference.




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            kimclevenger Level 1

            Thank You! 1 more question, when creating a form here, does it have to be a "fillable" form?

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              Wenlan_Du Level 2

              Do you mean that you want to have text only in your form? No form fields? If it's the case, then no, you can use the "Formatted Text" element to create plain text. Also, when you save your form as PDF forms, you may choose the option not to include "Submit" button.

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                kimclevenger Level 1

                I believe I just want text only...(I am creating a Volleyball Tryout Registration form for parents to print, fill out and then mail to me....along with some other required forms for USAV).  Honestly, this is all new to me....creating forms in adobe.  I do well with MS office applications (taken lots in college), but it appears that alot the Volleyball clubs use adobe to create forms for parents to print, fill out and mail.  Hopefully by the 2014-15 Juniors Volleyball season I will be able to have a "fillable" adobe form for parents to fill out online and send to me via the internet.  I really do appreciate your help!

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                  Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                  It is possible to create a PDF form without a submit button using FormsCentral. You can then send it to people, they can then fill it out, print it and mail it to you. To create PDF form though you need to have a paid account (Basic or Plus) or have access to Acrobat Pro XI  which comes with FormsCentral for Acrobat. As I recall from helping you with a previous issue you have a free account.


                  You could also try to be the pioneer and collect data electronically with an online form : ) Let me know if you need help with that.