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    Indesign probs


      Helloo everyone,


      Oke here's the problem:
      I need to adapt a document in indesig.
      However, the layer where the background is in, is in one way or another on lock. But he is not locked in my list of layers ..
      The background images seem to be linked to each other.
      If I want to remove the layer with the background he says that there are multiple objects are coupled and whether I'm sure I want to remove the layer ..

      But i have to change the background with another background I've made!

      Does anyone know anything?

      Thanks x

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Backgrounds for pages are usually put to master pages. Those backgrounds are of course also on a layer, but can be removed or changed when working on a normal page.


          If those background images are objects and not text frames with anchored images, then they can't be linked in the sense of how text frames can be linked, displayed in preview mode by link lines between the frames.


          Seems like your "in one way or another on lock" images are on a master page or the images frame is locked, which is usually indicated by a small padlock on the frame.