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    Contribute not writing valid xhtml

      I using Contribute 3. According to some forums and articles I've read on the Web, Contribute is supposed to respect XHTML DTD's when present in a file, only writing valid XHTML. This isn't so in my case. In spite of my XHTML DTD, Contribute is still saving images without alt tags, and is puts an "align" attribute on the src tag rather than an appropriate style whenever I specify left alignment in the image widget.

      Can amyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

      My dtd is attached.
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          I don't know for sure if Contribute respects the dtd as it is, without any influence of the admin-settings. You could check your admin-settings.
          You can force the alt attribute to be present when uploading an image (users and roles, editing, check require alt text).
          You can also determine the way styles are used by adjusting the Styels adn Fonts settings.
          Hope this helps...
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            Rimshot Level 1
            ThinkInk -

            Thanks for the info. I did go into the settings and found the alt tag option, which is great.

            I also found the location in the settings for style preferences. There was the option to have Contribute write inline styles rather than HTML parameters for styling, but apparently this was not followed by Contribute when it came to center alignment - it still puts the align=center on the tag. I also examined all of the other config settings in Contribute that I could find and didn't see anything about how to do this.

            I think this is a major drawback to the product - both its apparent inability to write valid XHTML as well as Adobe's lack of documentation on Contribute's compatability with XHTML. XHTML isn't exactly back-alley code, so why this is info is so cloak and dagger is intriguing.

            If you or anyone else out there has further pointers, I'm all ears.

            Thanks for the hlp.