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    EPUB Changing Layout


      Hi there


      I have a question. I have to make an e-publication about illusions.

      That's why I wanted something fancy but I don't know how to start with it.


      My idea was to make an epub with a changing layout.

      What I mean with that is when you for example go to page 1, text will be aligned left. When you visit the same page the next day, the text will be aligned right. (just an example).

      The same with images that are moving a cross the screen.


      Is there a way to constantly change a layout? Or maybe give in 5 layouts for example and let a program choose wich layout it's presenting.

      Or maybe an other solution to animated all textpaths and images and let them move across your screen?


      If someone has an idea, please share it with me!





      ps. I work in Indesign 5.5