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    Updates for new camera (Nikon D610 )?


      I am likely going to purchase the new Nikon D610 sometime this week but have read on several forums and blogs that Adobe has not released an update for CS6 yet to read the RAW files for this camera.  I typically shoot in RAW.  If I make this expensive purchase how long will I have to wait before Adobe puts out an update that will allow these files to be converted to .DNG so I can download them?  I am concerned about not being able to use the images right away and how long I would have to wait.  TIA

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Historically, Adobe has been tight-lipped about ship dates for updates to any of their programs.


          However, historically, Adobe has usually been quick to update ACR to support newer cameras' Camera RAW specs.. That said, "quick" might be weeks, or even months. Much depends on when Adobe gets the full specs. for a new Camera RAW. The implementation will first be tied to when Adobe gets the data, and then how long it takes to write the ARC module.


          I am sure that someone has a pretty good timeline on how long it has taken in the past, but that would only give one a rough idea of how long it took before - not necessarily now.


          My feeling is that it should be "soon," but that might be "soon enough."


          Wish that I had more to offer, and maybe Adobe is close enough, that a staff member can offer an educated guess?


          Good luck,



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            WhiteHotPhotos Level 1

            Thanks for your thoughts.  An educated guess from Adobe would be nice...but probably wishful thinking.  I am afraid since it's a replacement camera for the D600 that they may just take their time getting around to it.  Another couple of weeks wouldn't be TOO bad but months would be unacceptable!!

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              deejjjaaaa Level 2

              > but months would be unacceptable!


              you can always modify camera ID to 600 from 610 in .NEF and use ACR that way... doubtfully there are anything new inside, except may be less oil

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                SG... Adobe Employee



                I moved your post over to the Adobe Camera Raw forum.


                Keep an eye out here for official announcements about future releases with new camera support:





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                  WhiteHotPhotos Level 1

                  Thanks.  I would still really, REALLY appreciate hearing from someone "in the know" with an ETA on it (if there is such a thing).  IF it is going to in fact be months before it is ready it might be a valid reason for me to NOT make this pricey purchase.  I could buy the D7100 instead, although not quite the same camera, but I could at least use the images and could WORK...  I'm afraid I'm really not the technical type and don't know how to do any work-arounds.


                  I essentially sold my D600 back to Nikon in early September and have been camera-less since then while waiting for some tests & reviews on the D610 - I am getting antsy to get something and start shooting again!!

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Anyone who knows the internal workings of Adobe is legally bound by a non-disclosure agreement, not to say anything very specific, so no one can tell you when, with any precision.  Adobe is a publically traded company with more than a billion-dollar market cap so if someone gave an official expectation and that expectation was unfulfilled then many people might sell Adobe stock and the market capitalization would plummet. 


                    However, last week, Eric Chan, a lead scientist on the Adobe Camera Raw team said “Soon” in reference to requests for D610 support. 


                    I interpret that to mean that the LR 5.3 Release Candidate (public beta) is due out any day or few weeks, now, and it’ll have some sort of D610 support in it.  I’d expect the final release of LR 5.3 to be out a week or two from the end of the year. 


                    Keep your eye on http://labs.adobe.com/ because there is where the LR 5.3 RC will be available.


                    Yesterday, I did see a response to a bug report about the crop-ratio not holding (at least when it was 1:1), that the team was investigating this behavior.  If someone decides that they want to fix this, also, in the RC, then it might be delayed, somewhat.  If they don’t put the fix in the RC then it’ll be out sooner, depending on what other important cameras might have just been released and need profiled.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I should have also added that ACR and LR have similar release schedules, so Eric Chan suggesting the D610 will be supported over in the LR forum, also suggests that the ACR plug-in RC will also be released “soon” with the same camera support.

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                        MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                        We're aiming for the next couple of days.

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                          WhiteHotPhotos Level 1

                          Awesome!  I was afraid it might not be until after the new Df model is released at the end of the month!  Thanks!!

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                            MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                            Support is now available in the public RC versions of ACR 8.3 and Lr 5.3.  See




                            for more info.

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                              This is what I have been doing, Nikon provided ViewNX2 software, shoot your images in RAW.  Go in ViewNX2, convert RAW images to TIFF files so you can start working on them in Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge or whatever.  Its working for me for now, but I do hope they come out with the update soon.

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                                Level 5

                                forphotoz wrote:


                                …I do hope they come out with the update soon.


                                See the post right before yours.

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                                  helkatward Level 1

                                  Oh, perfect -- thank you -- downloaded and played with it.  Seems to work just fine!!