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    Colour management issues


      Hi there


      I have a problem with the way InDesign displays the colours of photographs.  I have created a book which contains lots of photos.  The oringinal RAW images were exported from LR4 as ProPhoto RGB files, opened in PhotoShop CS5 (working spaces: ProPhotoRGB and Blurb icc profile).  The files were then converted to the Blurb (an online book publisher) CMYK profile and saved as new files. 


      The InDesign document has the same colour management setting as I used for PS CS5 i.e. RGB colour space: ProPhoto and CMYK colour space: Blurb.icc profile.  When I place the files into the document they become noticeably over saturated.  When the book was finally printed the images were not the same as the InDesign document or print ready PDF.  BUT were a perfect match with the CMYK images opened in PhotoShop.  I'm using a calibriated Eizo monitor, so should not be any issues there.


      Has anyone experienced this issue before or can anyone provide a possible explanation?.  Any advice gratefully received.





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          rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When I place the files into the document they become noticeably over saturated.


          Select the image and check the ICC profile in the Links panel link info. Make sure its profile is the expected blurb CMYK profile. If it's Document CMYK check the document CMYK profile in Edit>Assign Profiles... and make sure it is the Blurb profile. The assigned profile can be different than the Color Setting's working space profile.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Doesn't sound like a profile problem if they printed correctly.


            To get an accurate on-screen preview you really need to turn on Overprint Preview.