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    Olympus E-M1 and CA corrections (or not), probably for Eric Chan

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      E-M1 is rumored to have (I'd assume in raw files) finally parameters for CA corrections (first for Olympus, always was the case with Panasonic cameras)... however upon conversion from .ORF to .DNG I still can see that "WarpRectilinear" has only the data for only one plane (while .RW2 to .DNG has that for 3 planes)...



      So what does it mean :




      1) Adobe support being preliminary does not include that yet ?





      2) Olympus does not provide that info (for CA corrections) really like Panasonic does in their raw files (and that means that evil Olympus hardcoded corrections in their software /firmware in case of OOC JPGs/ )




      Thank you.