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    Can anyone assist me with how to add an onClick action to a form?

    ararthur71 Level 1

      I am trying to create a form for a website.


      In this form the client has 9 color samples and a text box that will populate with the name of the color that is clicked and add it to the form for submission. I have been trying to figure this out as this is my first InDesign form. I am not sure the right terminolgy used to explain what I need to do, so i included a link to the original test page my client has provided for me to replicate. We are moving from coldfusion as their server does not support coldfusion, so i am recreating in HTML, using Muse and BC. I am a fairly new web designer, so I am still at a learning curve. I believe what I am looking for is an onClick action and how to set it up with the little color sample images, its like its a multifunction action script.


      I think that InDesign would be the best place to recreate this form, if not would anyone else have a recommendation?