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    I'm having problems trying to install flash player 11 on OS X 10.9


      I have tried multiple times to install the latest version of flash player (V 11.9.900.117) on my MacBook AIr which is running OS X 10.9. I have downloaded the installer, clicked the option to install Adobe Flash Player, I've then clicked to open the installer.


      Install Adobe Flash Player > Open 'install Flash Player' > Initializes > Update Flash Player Preferences     - This is where the problem happens


      When it comes to the 'Update Flash Player preferences' This is where I hit a problem, it says 'choose your update options:' ... The three options that appear are:


      Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)


      Notify me to install updates


      Never check for updates (not recommended)


      There is a tick-like button next to each of the options, the flash installer doesn't allow me to check or uncheck any of the boxes and when I move the mouse cursor over the next button, it 'pops' out but when I click it, it does nothing. Has anyone else had this problem? If so have you managed to find a way around it or know how to complete the install?