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    Multiple Projects and Authoring Tools Setup


      Currently we have one project set up on Robohelp with 6,821 topics using word as the authoring tool.

      Another team will be starting a new project that will be using FrameMaker as its authoring tool.

      We are debating on whether to put these projects on separated servers or on the current servers as merged projects. We would like users for these different projects to not be able to see the other project.

      My questions are

      1.   Can you have separate authoring tools on one server for merged projects?

        2.  We know developers can write a script to control user access, how hard is it to write, where

             would it go?


      System Attributes:

          Robohelp HTML V9.0

          RoboSource Control 3.1

          RoboHelp Server V9.0

          WebHelp Pro