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    The certificate for this server is invalid

    joshuamil Level 1

      When hitting our dev server (http://dev-pub.nascar.com:4503) I get a "The certificate for this server is invalid" message. It says that it's "pretending to be" beta.author.nascar.com. Viewing this site works just fine in the browser, but not in EdgeInspect. We're not running under HTTPS (unless there's some external resource in the page), so I'm not sure what "certificate" is causing the issue. There should at least be an option to authorize the certificate, no?


      Here are the screenshot results:


      device_model = iPhone

      device_res = 1136x640

      orientation = portrait

      os_name = iOS

      os_version = 7.0.3

      pixel_density = 326 ppi

      request_id = f460125d-1a5d-44aa-b30d-5beeb3f7f6b1

      status = Viewport

      url = applewebdata://D8156543-7498-4A12-AB56-08519E1902AB