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    Steve - do you have a book for PE12 yet? :)

    chucktheweevil Level 1

      Hi Steve - as a very infrequent user of PE, I see they have once again totally redesigned the user interface, and am starting from scratch in my workflow. It seems to ahve added soem nice features, but removed others (BTW - is a real bummer).

      Do you, or are you planning on, doing a book for PE 12?


      some common areas I do my workflow on are:

      • slide shows intermixed with video
      • Use alot of self built keyframe effects that I would love to port from one version to another
      • Like to keyframe audio through the video (volume up / down as needed)
      • Import .m2ts files on a Mac ( any easy way to have a .m2ts play on a double click in Mac - it says codec not found) PE will laod and play the file, but it has forced me to convert all my .m2ts files to Mpeg so I can play them on deman without opening the program.

      Thanks - you've been a great help in the past.