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    Animation Help

    Robyn Leigh

      Hiya, any of you guys wanting to offer your amazing skills please?


      So I wanted to make an animation whereby I have an abstract bird fly from off screen (right side top) to the centre of the page, then turn left slightly to tip a bucket of paint over, as such - once this is performed have the bird move back towards the right of the page hovering of the letters of my business name - in turn making each letter of my name change colour one by one. I have two words to my business name and only want the one half to be coloured so the bird then stops at the end of that word coloured leaving the remaining name untouched... make sense??  Just want to know if this is possible and how you suggest going about animating this?? I have no clue with Edge but know what I want - just hoping someone can help with this thanks.



      have a look here at my site which is on business catalyst  http://mockingbird-designs.businesscatalyst.com