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    XFA Forms


      I have tried to import a form that an error message pops up stating it is an XFA form.  What product to I need to edit this form?  Is it posslble to edit with Adobe Form? 

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          A few things about the FormsCentral "Import PDF" feature:

          1) FormsCentral does not enable you to "edit" a PDF form.  A PDF form (AcroForm) can be imported to collect and manage responses through FormsCentral, when you distribute the Submission enabled PDF from FormsCentral a "Submit" button is added and the responses are collected through FormsCentral for analsys.  No changes can be made to that PDF in FormsCentral, it allows you to download a submit enabled version of that form that will submit responses to FormsCentral and creates a Response Table and Summary Report in FormsCentral to display the results data.

          2) XFA forms are not supported by FormsCentral


          Adobe LiveCycle Designer is used to create/edit XFA forms: http://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/tools/designer.html


          Here is a little information on XFA forms vs flat PDF files and Acroforms: http://blogs.adobe.com/an_tai/archives/172