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    Basic Layering Question

    Strife Torn

      I'm trying to fade some text from 100% opacity to 0% over 45 frames,

      and end my layer when it gets to 0, (Thus making it dissapear?).

      My text stays there with 0% opacity (Slightly visable), untill the next layer begins.

      I don't understand why I can see it when the layer it's on has ended.

      I preview it with audio using num 0.


      This has happened to me multiple times and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

      Some of my text fades and dissapears normally, but I don't understand what's different about it.


      I'm probably doing lots wrong, but I'm pretty new and you have to start somewhere!

      This is also my first post, hope it's in the right forum.


      Any help much appreciated.