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    Business Catalyst with Partners


      Hello all.

      We were hosting our site on Business Catalyst. We signed up through one of the partner. Is there a reason to go with the partner rather than signing up directly on Adobe Site.


      Partner's monthly fee is higher and they take comissions on the sales along with the merchant service provider and payment gateway. We have to deal with multiple vendors.


      I am planning to set up a new site, remove the ecommerce part and sell on Amazon store.



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          Alex Pavelescu Adobe Employee



          If you create your own partner account you'll need to re-create the site from scratch. Full transfer of the site is also available as an option, but only if your partner plan is either Standard or Premium. In this case Both partners will need to sign off the transfer.


          Kind Regards,


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            Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There is a lot to learn in Business Catalyst,

            Being with a partner ensures you have a good stable relationship and someone who can do the work needed and help BC improve on your behalf. There are though many partners like Pretty that do not charge for commision or put on extra monthly charges. You may for the work you need and pay directly with Adobe.

            Partners who are charging a monthly for example though do so because they will likely have regular work they cary out for you each month like taking backups of your site. Every partners runs slightly differently and the partner community is very strong.

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              Fubals Level 2

              Wow, what a rip off.. they are charging you on your sales as well?


              I dont know what other functionality you have in your site, but if your not making use of other BC functionality, I would question if you even need a Business Catalyst site seeing that your taking out the eCommerce anyway??


              If its just a brochure site you could host that anywhere cheaply (including BC on a lesser plan)

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                Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Do not jump the gun on that,

                They could be ripping the guy off but If he is paying the partner and the partner is the one that set up the payment gateway and Merchant costs that they setup rather then the client directly they have fees and costs assoicated with them and also on sales.


                If your a partner doing all of that for the client so they do not have to go into that setup then you need to charge the client for those costs.

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                  Fubals Level 2

                  I dont have a problem with a partner charging to set up the merchant account and gateway account, just a problem with taking a cut on each sale, if the partner is no longer involved in the process of sales or gateway account admin, then the partner should not take a cut on all the sales, after all the partner is not a gateway provider or a bank.

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                    Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    On that,

                    Your either paying a monthly fee or per sale fee with your payment gateway. IF it is per sale then your being charged, you HAVE to pass that on to your client.

                    So it is important not to assume what is going on there with the partner, who ever it is mentioned here. Yes they may be ripping this person off but it may also be all legit. So its good not to form assumptions on such little information.