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    Can I arrange clips in the timeline based on when they were recorded?


      Hello everyone, thanks to whoever took the time to give some attention to this post and excuse me for my bad english..


      This is the thing:

      I have hundreds of clips from three different cameras that were covering a very long event and a single audio file (2 hour long) and I want to sync them together. I'm looking for a way to somehow arrange the clips in the timeline chronologically, based on their metadata of when the clips were recorded...

      Note that I thought of this purely on instinct and I don't even know if it's possible, but it sound like such a good idea that I'm hoping Adobe thought of it already and since it would be very useful for my daily workflow, I've decided to do some research.
      I have looked EVERYWERE, spent countless hours reading forums (even this one) but with no success and this is my last attempt...


      I just hope you can understand what I'm looking for and that someone can help me!


      Thanks again for your time!