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    Issues with Premiere Pro CC and Speedgrade CC




      Just signed on for Creative Cloud and downloaded Premiere Pro and Speedgrade.


      I have a problem. As i start these applications up it hangs and glitches on startup. It doesn't opne nice and smooth like on my friends computer.


      I then opened Tak manager and found it had opened 3 background processes taking up 15 percent CPU power each. Two of them are called Adobe Premiere Pro CC and one has the same name but with (32bit) in brackets. Speedgrade has the same problem just different names obviously.


      When i closed the applications these processes continue still using all that CPU power. This means that even if i have closed them 80 percent of my CPU is still being used all together which can't be right!


      My computer has a 3.5GHZ I7 CPU (latest gen). My graphics card is

      Sapphire HD 7850 OC Edition 2GB Dual DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card


      I just downloaded After Effects and that opens fine without any issues and the same with Photoshop.


      Really hope someone can help with this problem.


      Also if you know is that graphics card supposed to support the new mercury playback engine? cause i have to switch premiere to standard playback which was a blow.


      Thanks in advance, Alex