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    Premiere Pro CC error message and crash


      Hi All,


      I am in the middle of a project and on a tight deadline. I have Premiere Pro CC and have tried the phone line for help. However, after 90 minutes on hold, I gave up and thought I'd try here.


      So I have a project that was loading fine yesterday. I shut PP down last night and all was good. Today I tried to open the project and it gave me an error message that read;


      [/morereel64/releases/2013.09/shared/adobe/MediaCore/MediaLayer/ImporterHost/Make/Mac/../. ./Src/Audio/AudioWaveform.cpp-173]


      After that, I click "Continue" and it then tells me "Sorry, a serious error has occured..."


      I have tried uninstalling All Adobe Apps, using Cloud Cleaner, deleting my preferences, creating a new project and importing the old one in, exporting an XML to reimport... Nothing is working. And now I'm panicking!


      Please can someone help? Please?


      I'm kinda going out of my mind...