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    Speedgrade CC animated mask Error!!




      I like the new direct link support for speed grade I think it's something that was needed for a long time..



      unfortunately I encountered an error..

      when I open a Premiere pro CC project in Speedgrade CC and animate masks on a

      primary grade .. well every grade really..

      .. the masks animate and move but the grade doesn't update and reflect the change ..

      this is very unuseful !!


      the animation works and updates when I create a standard speedgrade project ..

      but that negates the direct link feature completely


      Please fix it asap!




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          Bruckenzimmer Level 1

          Ok after testing around for a while and coming across multiple obscure situations I figured out that the problem is the scaling of the clips applied in premiere

          Speedgrade's mask animation doesn't know if clips where re-sized by using the "scale to frame size" feature in Premiere Pro



          so the viewer in speedgrade shows the correct size of your footage like it should be and like it is in premiere pro BUT...

          all the mask animations are not scaled accordingly ... this is BAD !!!!!!!!!



          There however is a work around .. that is by scaling the footage to the correct size using the scaling option (situated under  the motion tab in the clip effects)

          then it works fine


          there are 72 views to this post but apparently no one ran into the same problem .. mmhhh


          what wonders me is that no one of adobe replied with at least an attempt to help and fix it..

          is that because they are all busy loosing our creative cloud account details again ?? .. for which all customers should at least get a 3 month refund as an appropriate apology




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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hi Gibdie,

            Sorry you are experiencing troubles. The SpeedGrade team does, indeed, know about this bug and is working on a fix. BTW, this is a user to user forum, so employees do like to participate when we can, it is not to be expected. Sorry.


            To get official Adobe Support, see this link: http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html




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              Bruckenzimmer Level 1

              Thanks for letting me know Kevin


              I'm working with 5k 4k and 3k redfiles here and for some reason I thought it would be great to edit my project in Premiere Pro ..

              I mean solely the editing ..that did work pretty good so far.. and is very slick smooth playback etc.  well done!


              But grading in premiere is pretty basic and there is just no decent workflow .. fair enough it's an editing software .. so hey use speedgrade ..

              err well ok doesn't really work ...

              OK .. you tell me they are fixing it..


              So I think hey.. try sending an edit to after effects and .. well that's kind of broken too

              if you have some speed ramping or reverse playback going on it messes up your edit and nests composition in the bizarrest way possible what's that all about..

              Who is doing your QA ??




              If you make it a big deal and market your tools with a great meta data driven workflow we the users kind of expect it to work.

              I don't announce a video game with lot's of cool things you can do and then sell it with lot's of bugs. At least their patches are for free

              we pay a monthly subscription.


              Adobe has done a fantastic job at bringing lot's of great innovations to the entertainment software market ..

              please please please get your finishing and grading pipeline to work .. it would be highly appreciated




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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                Thanks very much for your feedback, Gibdie. I was not aware of the problem with After Effects. I am sure the team would like to hear about it. If you have time, it would be great to get a bug report from you. Here is the form: http://www.adobe.com/go/wish


                If you work with SpeedGrade in the previous fashion (creating DPX files, or linking via an EDL instead of using Direct Link), you might have more success. Here is a link to a help doc describing the process: http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/using/speedgrade.html#edl_speedgrade




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                  Bruckenzimmer Level 1

                  Thanks for the offer Kevin

                  but ..the dpx workflow doesn't make any logical sens to me.. never did  ..

                  creating the same footage all over again and majorly increasing it's file size .. especially coming from redcode.. nah sorry that's just way to convoluted and

                  time consuming.


                  I just tried exporting a final cut xml from premiere pro and imported it into davinci resolve ..and that works suprisingly well ..

                  .. importing an edl into speedgrade is total shambles compared to that.. ??


                  just fix the bugs please asap !