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    Help with getting audio in AFX recognized in Premiere Pro CS6

    reindeer4 Level 1

      I'm using Adobe CS6 Master Suite, have a project with dynamic link between Premiere Pro and After Effects.  I have a video (acutally png series ) with audio in After effects - and I need to chop that piece up and intersperse other segments between the pieces.  I need to keep the original png sequence synchronized with its audio however (easy to do in After effects by making multiple copies of the original clip, then trimming the audio and video to same length at same time and shuffling as needed.  Premiere isn't playing the audio from after effects, however.  And suggestions on how to get this working?


      I could just manually keep track of how much time gets inserted between all the chopped up clips but that will quickly get unwieldy - and there's lip synching involved, so really can't get off by more than a frame or two at 24 FPS.