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    Need immediate help with CS2

    whisper staff

      Okay, yes...I know its old...but when you can't afford the new one, you have to use what you have!  I was sent to the adobe download site on Monday to download CS2 for windows. My activation won't work on my software because we have used it too many times.  So, I downloaded everything and followed the directions from the site.  I get going and then it says to INSERT DISC 2......I don't have disc2 because we downloaded it from the web.  Please help me get past this.  PLEASE!!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Your old version doesn't work because the activation servers are shut down, not because it was activated too many times, and the download to which you were directed is a version (with a special serial number that you also need) that does not require activation. There should have been downloads for each disk you need and looking at the page I'm guessing you downloaded the suite package as the ID standalone has only one file. Try moving all the extracted files into a single folder. There is also a PDF of download and install directions you should read....