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    text overset when creating background using rectangle tool


      I've encountered an odd problem that I can't seem to solve alone, and I can't describe it well enough to a search engine to see if anyone else has experienced it. I have a document with text and graphics on the page. I created a header in the master document, but as soon as I tried to create a background color by dragging a rectangle across the page, it said my header text was overset. I tried sending the background to the back of the document from the arrange menu, still overset. Tried creating the background on another layer below header text... still overset. Oddly enough though, when I clicked the red "+" symbol in the text box and click outside of it (as though I were creating a new text box to continue the overset text) the text magically appears, comfortably fitting inside its original text box (and no new text box created either). So I thought that solved the problem, but every line of text within the document body is still overset. I have over 100 text boxes so I don't want to do it manually... and even when I do try to adjust the text box to fix the "overset" problem, I have to drag the text box right to the edge of the page so that whatever text is in it can reside outside of the area covered by the background from the master page.


      It is clear indesign is seeing the background as not a background at all and instead a foreground that is covering the text, but what is wierd is that it doesn't matter if I send it to the back, and it doesn't affect any graphical elements, just text. Is there some sort of master page override function that I'm missing/don't understand? Thanks for the help!