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    UI for export controller


      Hello everyone,



           I am a new user of the sdk cs6 and I have some work to do with it. But a lot of questions remain after reading the pdf, maybe due to my average english, It is not really clear for me:


      I would like to do an exporter pluggin which will allow me to send files directly to a web site (to upload them). To do this, i will use the Exporter Controller API.

      I started with the exemple provided and I would like to add an UI which allows users to select the format video they want for the export (with buttons and some selections).

      Unfortunatly, I don't find how to add buttons with Export Controller's API for my UI (there is the function AddConstrainedValuePair() for exporters, but it take an inExporterPluginID that I don't have with the export controller, i think).

      Do I have to make an UI or are there existing UI which allow to select the format video of the exportation? If it is mandatory, how can I add selecting buttons for my UI?


      Thanks for yours help!

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          For an export controller, you would put your UI in a modal dialog using standard Windows or MacOS UI.  The Premiere Pro API doesn't provide any building blocks for export controller UI.


          As demonstrated in the sample project, you would display your UI in response to the exportController_ExportTimeline selector.