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    Help with the awful Timecode.cpp-1014 crash


      Hello dear fellow Adobe users.


      First the technical layout:


      Hardware: iMac (Late 2012 - 27") 3,2 GHz Interl Core i5 - 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3.

      Project HDD: LACIE 8TB Raid-disk connected with Thunderbolt.

      Software: Running Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.0 - Mighty Kilt) on  OS X - 10.8.5 (12F45)


      I've edited a documentary now for over 6 months on this machine, adding various media types but mainly sticking to my standard Quicktimne Prores LT and HQ. The sequence is a standard DSLR-preset (1080p - 25fps) but I've been adding media with mixed framerate and audio-specs. And this has worked like a charm for 30 versions (incremenally saved project files).


      Suddenly today, this following message starts popping up:


      Premiere Pro has encountered an error.

      [/Volumes/BuildDisk/builds/mightykilt/shared/adobe/MediaCore/ASL/Foundation/Make/Mac/../.. /Src/Timecode.cpp-1014]


      I gathered yesterdays project-file from an online backup system I'm running, but to my dismay - the same message appears shortly after I start editing again. I've even tried to open even older versions of the project, with the same error encountered.


      So far, I've tried:


      * Deleting the temp/cache files

      * Reinnstalling Premiere Pro CS6

      * Rebooting several times

      * Unplugged all USB-peripherals (project disk excluded)


      If anyone has anything that can guide me out of this nightmare - I would appreciate it tremendously.


      All the best from a desperate Premiere-user from Norway         

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          Aacmun Level 1

          Update for anyone else who's struggeling with this:


          Nothing worked. I tried everything under the sun and the program version seemed to fail with the project file - even old versions of the project! So I guess it had something to do with all the different media (formats, timecodes and filetypes). Still a horrible and quite serious error on Adobe and Premiere's part - not having the backbone to handle such a error when it occurs. For any reason, you should get really concrete reasons why a project fails and a solid way to fix it.


          Here, it just said; "Timecode.cpp-1014". That is really a unprofessional way to behave, being a professional software.


          After installing the CS6.0.5 update, the same error occured every time. But after installing CC and importing the project there, I'm happy to repport that I've not had one crash or error-message.


          Maybe it was all a way to get me to buy the CC-version. Who knows. My iPhone always seem to get a faulty battery a couple of weeks after the new version arrives...


          So conclusion: the project will open and work in CC, but continues to fail and crash in all versions of CS6 on multiple machines.