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    Why does a cross dissolve delay my zoom effect?

    old pro

      Why does a cross dissolve delay my zoom effect?



      Can’t think of what else to try to solve…



      Struggling amateur here!



      Two clips side by side.



      Left clip is black video with enough of a right handle to allow a cross dissolve effect to be applied.



      Right clip is a jpg still image of a launching rocket. This clip also has enough of a left handle to allow a cross dissolve to be applied.



      The rocket clip is keyframed with a motion scale effect to zoom out from 130 to 100.



      The keyframe goes from the beginning of the left handle to the end of the right handle. In other words, the rocket clip is trimmed so that, without any dissolve we wouldn’t see the clip until it is already zoomed out to 120. And when I scrub the rocket clip it shows the zooming out immediately, just the way I want it..



      But when I apply a cross dissolve, there is a delay before it shows the zoom effect.



      Obviously the cross dissolve is freezing the right clip for some reason before it shows the keyframed scale effect.



      Dip to black has same delay.



      Rendering doesn’t solve the problem.



      How can I dissolve into a clip that is zooming immediately?