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    Problem Setting Up Text Boxes


      I've just set up my first form which was straighforward but I can't seem to find a way of setting up two separate text boxes and titles on the same line?  Ie City and PostCode.



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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          There are a few ways to get fields side by side:

          1) You can drag/drop a field from one row into another row adjacent the existing field/s

          2) Select a field you want to add another adjacent to, a "+" sign is shown to the right of the field:

          Add beside.PNG

          This will bring up a vertical form field toolbar that will add a field next to the existing field:

          Insert beside menu.PNG


          3) If you right click on a field the context menu has "Insert item beside" which will also bring up the vertical toolbar that adds an item beside the existing.





          PS - if you are not seeing the option to add adjacent fields and you are using the FormsCentral Desktop application included with Acrobat Pro XI make sure that the application is up to date by going to Help - Check for Updates, or by signing into the application.